splitting rocks


House at outlying island in progress Hong Kong



VIK winery, Chile, by Smiljan Radic Architects - a shallow pool that cools the building and serves as a zen garden 


                            Inspiration: tidal pool instead of mechanical pool


                            Inspiration: tidal pool instead of mechanical pool


                          temporary outdoor structure using ETFE 


LED light fixtures from Christian Blank's shop in Berlin, with customised hardware and big fat woven cords in all colours.    <www.lovelights.berlin>

LED Pendant light fixture that rotates, tilts up and down with ball joint where arms intersect <stickbulb.com>







trellis chandelier at Paul Rudolph's showroom available at Modulightor.com


we begin with drawings and models


study models for computer center ceiling with custom downlights and work stations


when hot air is compressed through bottlenecked openings, cooler air is produced without electrical supply