On a corner in Hong Kong’s busy Soho district, the gallery is located on the 1/F of a small building overlooking the city’s famous outdoor escalators, moving people and goods up the steep hills.


Our aim was to  create a  system that is  flexible to  accommodate  the changing types of exhibitions, and to maximize the gallery’s visibility from the street -  all on a very limited budget, to create an impactful environment inside and outside.


The two-tier rail system is built with raw steel, the tiers overlapping each other, the upper one curvilinear and lyrical, the lower linear and repetitive. All components hung from the rails are movable, including sliding display panels,lighting,sculptures,paintings.The rails are also hung from two different steel supports, a V and a U shaped.

Finalist of World Interiors of the Year 2017, World Architecture Festival, Berlin

Display category : https://www.dezeen.com/2017/07/13/world-interior-inside-festival-world-architecture-shortlist-announced/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral


Soho, Hong Kong




 Hong Kong

One of three unique Nike pinnacle shops worldwide (HK, Tokyo, NY). Dark concrete "tunnel" entry ramps up to bright "stadium" interior. Low platform provides space for art installations and product display. Various display cabinets swivel, roll out, or fold up on pulley system. Rough existing columns and exposed wires contrast with finely-finished wood cabinetry and custom hardware

Selected to be published in "Building Types Studies" Architectural Record magazine (US) website


BUILDING CONVERSION Residential to Commercial


An existing single-room occupancy residential building was completely refurbished for use of a bank and other tenants. Structural reinforcement was performed. A new perforated aluminium panel facade was designed and installed 500mm in front of existing walls, creating a playful composition and a deep play of shadows.



 Hong Kong

New concept for B/G basic gear shops display men's clothing in a glowing backlit shell. Custom fixtures, lighting, graphics, wall and ceiling panels are all integrated in one modular system based on cast stainless steel components (brackets by Nicholas Grimshaw adapted to the new system). CBD also designed new branding program and directed advertising campaign fashion photo shoot in Los Angeles at the Lautner House site.




New concept for a shop selling women's leather fashion. The design was inspired by glamorous film noir interiors, with glossy black surfaces and deep shadows.  One wall features displays set in an open grid with tall, swinging 3-way mirrors.  On the opposite side, a sensually curved wall is hugged by a continuous hang rod that is supported on a web of nautical wire cables.


Featured in Progressive Architecture magazine (US)