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indoor-outdoor house
single family house with a lap pool



3,500sf house re-imagined with a two-story high living room, one side of which is a retractable glass door opening to the swimming pool and spa.  


“One of the classic agendas of modernist urban architecture is to overcome the challenge of a city's density by creating openness where space is limited. Finding a way of admitting natural light in places that would otherwise be shadowy, especially the vertical cities of Asia, is another challenge. In its subtle way, this Hong Kong house by Chang Bene Design is an object lesson in one solution to these urban challenges. With the recognition that energy and space become ever harder to find in a more crowded world, the thoroughly contemplated aspects of this house are successful.”   Paul Theroux, in Architectural Digest magazine

Featured in Architectural Digest.  Winner, BusinessWeek/Architectural Record China Award - Best Residential project :

Two to One

2-1  HOUSE


Restoration of heritage facade facing the street lined with plane trees in Shanghai's former French district.  Grey Shanghai brick was saved and reused for the new construction.


The project consists of two vintage houses in the former French Concession which were gutted and combined into one house. In the gap between buildings, a new foyer and “stair tower,” topped with a large skylight, join together the new and old structures vertically and horizontally. Floor levels were changed to connect all the interior spaces. Large new steel windows and doors were designed to bring more light into the house.


Featured in Architectural Digest.  Winner, Business Week/Architectural Record China Award - Best Preservation:



Two flats were combined into this 6,000 square foot home, arranged on three levels with a roof terrace. A new spiral staircase connects the three floors. Tall, tailor-made black steel windows bring in light and complement a palette of grey concrete and dark oak finishes.  


House in the sky


a 2,400sf apt with a roof garden and pavilion. The concave/convex wood slat pavilion structure shades the interior from hot west afternoon sun and creates an interplay of light and shadow, an effect repeated inside apartment with a similar slat ceiling and lighting above.The garden is laid out in islands of pebbles and grass.


Light and Art


Walls are removed to create one open living/kitchen/work space. The kitchen is open to the living/dining space and is anchored by a long zinc-covered counter cantilevered from a structural column, which also supports a TV and a tailor-made polished steel lighting tube. The counter provides the owner with a place to prepare food and entertain guests.


The master bedroom features a leather floor and is separated from the bathroom by a clear glass partition. Inside the bathroom, the hinoki wood soaking tub was tailor-made in Japan.  


This 2,000sf apartment was fully replanned and rebuilt. The living room is finished in limed oak paneling and a tailor-made inlaid marble floor. Sliding doors of bronze and glass open to the study. The bedroom walls are papered with a lily pattern, and a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk serves as a vanity table.


West Kowloon
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